Point definition

@POINT_NAME {PointName} {
@COORDINATES {x1, x2, x3}
@COMMENTS {CommentText}


Figure 1. Definition of a point.
  1. A point is a basic geometric object that defines a fixed position in space. The position vector of the point is defined by its Cartesian coordinates, (x1, x2, x3), resolved in the inertial frame, I = (i1, i2, i3), as depicted in fig. 1.
  2. It is possible to define a point with respect to a fixed frame.
    • If this keyword @IS_DEFINED_IN_FRAME is absent, the point is defined with respect to the inertial frame, I = (i1, i2, i3).
    • If the optional keyword @IS_DEFINED_IN_FRAME is present, the point is with respect to fixed frame FrameName.
  3. It is possible to attach comments to the definition of the object; these comments have no effect on its definition.