Sensor definition

@SENSOR_NAME {SensorName} {
@SENSOR_TYPE {SensorType}
@FRAME_NAME {FrameName}
@COMMENTS {CommentText}


  1. Sensors allow the evaluation of the stress tensor, strain tensor, and warping at any point of the cross-section. These various quantities are evaluated at the end of the analysis.
  2. The GSolName indicates the solid element to be sensed. If the section is defined by ShapeBuilder, the names of the solid elements are defined for each cross-section type. For instance, the circular section comprises solid elements GsolCore, GsolQuadrant1, GsolQuadrant2, GsolQuadrant3, and GsolQuadrant4.
  3. The SensorType determines the nature of the quantity to be evaluated by the sensor.
    1. If SensorType = SB_STRESSES, the sensor will evaluate the stress tensor.
    2. If SensorType = SB_STRAINS, the sensor will evaluate the strain tensor.
    3. If SensorType = SB_WARPING, the sensor will evaluate the warping displacement.
  4. The FrameName specifies the frame in which the quantity is resolved. The following FrameName can be specified.
    • INERTIAL: the quantities are measured in the inertial frame.
    • LOCAL: the quantities are measured in a local frame of reference.
    • FrameName: the quantities will be resolved in fixed frame FrameName.
  5. Quantities u and v specify the location of the sensor within the solid element. Each solid element is associated with a face. In turn, this face is associated with a surface, which defined a local coordinate system for the element. Coordinates u and v are resolved in the coordinate system.
  6. It is possible to attach comments to the definition of the object; these comments have no effect on its definition.