Double Box

@MATERIAL_01 {Mat1}
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The double box: base configuration

Component Dimension Symbol Default Nb.
double box width w required 01
double box location dT 0.0 02
double box location dB dT 03
Right box height hR required 04
Right box thickness tR required 05
Right box angle αR 90° 06
Right box thickness tL tR 07
Right box thickness tT tR 08
Right box thickness tB tR 09
Left box height hL hR 10
Left box thickness tL tR 11
Left box angle αL 90° 12
Left box thickness tR tR 13
Left box thickness tT tR 14
Left box thickness tB tR 15
Table 1. Dimensions defining the geometry of the double box.
  • The double box features a single zone.
    1. Zone 1.
      • The left box comprises the following faces: Lbox_TopFlangeLeft, Lbox_TopFlange, Lbox_TopFlangeRight, Lbox_RightWebTop, Lbox_RightWeb, Lbox_RightWebBot, Lbox_BotFlangeRight, Lbox_BotFlange, Lbox_BotFlangeLeft, Lbox_LeftWebBot, Lbox_LeftWeb, and Lbox_LeftWebTop.
      • The right box comprises the following faces: Rbox_TopFlangeLeft, Rbox_TopFlange, Rbox_TopFlangeRight, Rbox_RightWebTop, Rbox_RightWeb, Rbox_RightWebBot, Rbox_BotFlangeRight, Rbox_BotFlange, Rbox_BotFlangeLeft, Rbox_LeftWebBot, Rbox_LeftWeb, and Rbox_LeftWebTop.
      • Is associated with homogeneous material properties, Mat1.
    Figure 1. Overall configuration of the double box
    Figure 2. Detailed configuration of the left box        Figure 3. Detailed configuration of the right box
    Figure 4. Detailed configuration of the central web