Flattened Tube

@MATERIAL_01 {Mat1}
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The flattened tube: base configuration

Component Dimension Symbol Default Nb.
flattened tube height h required 01
Top flange width wT required 02
Top flange thickness t required 03
Top flange angle αT 04
Bot flange width wB wT 05
Bot flange angle αB 06
Table 1. Dimensions defining the geometry of the flattened tube.
  • The flattened tube features a single zone.
    1. Zone 1.
      • Comprises the following faces: FlangeTop, SideRightTop, SideRightBot, FlangeBot, SideLeftBot, and SideLeftTop.
      • Is associated with homogeneous material properties, Mat.
  • Figure 1. Configuration of the flattened tube