High-Lift Device

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@DIMENSION_04 {η2}
@DIMENSION_05 {ηe}
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The high-lift device: base configuration

Component Dimension Symbol Default Nb.
Airfoil chord length c required 01
Airfoil location ηs required 02
Airfoil location η1 required 03
Airfoil location η2 required 04
Airfoil location ηe required 05
Flange thickness tfT required 06
Outer wrap thickness twO tfT 07
Inner wrap thickness twI tfT 08
Left web height hL required 09
Left web skew angle αL 90° 10
Right web height hR hL 11
Right web skew angle αR 90 ° 12
Table 1. Dimensions defining the geometry of the high-lift device.
Figure 1. The high-lift device
Figure 2. The high-lift device, left web detail
Figure 3. The high-lift device, leading edge detail