@T_SECTION_NAME {TsecName} {
@DIMENSION_01 {hw}
@DIMENSION_02 {twr}
@DIMENSION_03 {wfr}
@DIMENSION_04 {twl}
@DIMENSION_05 {wfl}
@DIMENSION_06 {αf}
@DIMENSION_07 {tfr}
@MATERIAL_01 {Mat1}
@MATERIAL_02 {Mat2}
@COMMENTS {CommentText}


The T-section: base configuration

Figure 1. The T-section: base configuration.
Component Dimension Symbol Default Nb.
T-section height hw required 01
WebRight thickness twr required 02
FlangeRight width wfr required 03
WebLeft thickness twl twr 04
FlangeLeft width wfl wfr 05
Flange skew angle αf 06
Table 1. Dimensions defining the geometry of the T-section.
Figure 2. Detail of the T-section

The T-section: option 1

Component Dimension Symbol Default Nb.
FlangeReinf thickness tfr twr 07
Table 2. Dimensions defining the reinforcement of the flange.
Figure 3. The T-section: option 1