SectionBuilder user's manual

This user's manual describes the input that is required to define the cross-section of a beam using SectionBuilder, a finite element based tool for the sectional analysis of beams of arbitrary configuration made of anisotropic materials. This software is fully integrated with Dymore. The master input file is divided into the five segments listed below, each segment is introduced by a specific keyword. The five keywords must appear in the master input file, file.seb.

  1. This segment lists the parameters that control the overall process.
    process control parameters
  3. This segment describes all the objects that define the beam's cross-section. The objects listed under the navigation panel on the left can all appear in this segment. Cross-sections can be defined in two mutually exclusive manners called the “Shape Builder Approach” and the “Component Builder Approach”.
    The shape builder approach
    The component builder approach
  5. This segment lists the parameters used to create finite element model.
    SectionBuilder Definition
  7. This segment lists the parameters used to drive post-processing analysis. The keywords within this segment can appear in any order. If no parameters need to be defined, the corresponding keyword can be omitted.
    Visualization control parameters
    Plotting control parameters